Taiwanese investing guru Betty Wu shares tips on buying Bitcoin dip | Taiwan News

(TAIPEI) Taiwan News — Taiwanese author, podcaster, and personal finance guru Betty Wu (吳淡如) has given some advice on how to handle the ups and downs of the crypto market.

Wu says she would rather buy more Bitcoin than sell off her holdings of the digital asset after the price of the cryptocurrency tanked in recent days. Bitcoin went as low as US$43,000 (NT$1,192,356) at one point, losing more than 17% of its value within a 24-hour period.

Wu shared a post on her Facebook page where she explained how different investors are interpreting the drop, according to a TVBS report. She says many crypto skeptics believe this is a sign the asset is fundamentally weak, yet for those who are bullish on Bitcoin’s long-term growth, they see this as a great time to enter the market.

It seems Wu is definitely in the optimistic camp. “Of course I have Bitcoin, and of course I will not sell it off,” she said. “What I am considering actually is to buy a little more!”

Wu admits Bitcoin is volatile, describing it as the greatest rollercoaster in the investing world right now, but that it also represents the future of finance. Wu says she herself has bought Bitcoin, but less than half a coin remains.

She says if retail investors are curious and want to experience these new de-fi trends, they can opt for a monthly dollar-cost averaging investment plan. This way they can avoid using borrowed capital or cutting back on daily costs of living.

Wu makes the analogy that investors are like leeks and that, even if they may get cut back at times, as long as their roots stay strong, they can experience strong growth again when the spring comes.