This food delivery service will give you free Bitcoin when you order

A food delivery service has announced a new partnership with Bitcoin rewards app Lolli, where users will be rewarded Bitcoin when they order food.

On Wednesday, December 1, Lolli announced that it will be partnering with Grubhub to bring Bitcoin (BTC) rewards to the food delivery platform’s hungry customer base. The announcement can be found on Lolli’s website, where it states that Grubhub customers will be able to earn $1 in Bitcoin every time they order food through Grubhub. The press release states, “To earn on Grubhub orders, users must download Lolli’s browser extension or app for iOS and activate Lolli on web or mobile before placing an order at Grubhub.

Users who sign up and complete their first order will receive $5 in Bitcoin. Once a user has reached $15 in confirmed Bitcoin rewards, that user will then be able to withdraw or send their Bitcoin to another virtual wallet. Lolli co-founder and CEO Alex Adelman said that partnerships such as this one is way Bitcoin can become a part of “everyday life“, and that combining food delivery, which is a “ritual for many”, with Bitcoin makes “Bitcoin a part of that ritual“.

Lolli’s mission is to make bitcoin more accessible to all and in order to do that we must make bitcoin a part of everyday life. Food delivery is a ritual for many and bitcoin rewards makes bitcoin a part of that ritual. Giving users bitcoin rewards on every Grubhub order is an incredible milestone for bitcoin adoption, making earning bitcoin easier and more accessible than ever,” said Alex Adelman, CEO and Co-founder of Lolli.

Grubhub is thrilled to partner with Lolli and provide more value to diners. We have reward programs like Perks and Grubhub+, but we’re always looking to be more rewarding to our diners, and our partnership with Lolli further strengthens our commitment,” said Bridget Scanlan, Director of Growth Marketing at Grubhub.