Top 10 Cryptocurrencies that Exploded in 2021 Like Never Before

These top 10 cryptocurrencies witnessed the most prices surge since their inception.

Cryptocurrencies may have started as a wild game of investing dominated by mavericks, but now, digital currencies have finally become a part of the mainstream financial landscape. Institutional investors and global banks are treating cryptos as legal assets, even during a year marked by extreme volatility and extreme regulation crackdowns in China and elsewhere. The crypto market in 2021 has been a daunting place for even experienced investors to navigate. Thousands of digital currencies and projects have emerged in the market that are worth investing in. But investors will always go for the most trusted and potentially rising cryptocurrencies in the market. In this article, we have listed the top 10 cryptocurrencies that exploded in 2021 and are potentially good investments for growth.



It is no surprise that BTC is the most cryptocurrency of 2021. The popularity of bitcoin has skyrocketed in 2021, as El Salvador chose BTC as a legal tender and thousands of companies globally started installing bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin is the king when it comes to institutional adoption and retail. Considering the price of bitcoin is still going down from its all-time highs for over US$65,000, dragging along all the other cryptos along with it, buying the token now might be a good investment in the future.



As the currency and platform of smart contracts, Ethereum has witnessed massive gains since its inception in 2015. Ether has retained its position as the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world according to market capitalization and is one of the most widely discussed cryptocurrency projects in the world. large tech companies like Microsoft, Intel, and JP Morgan Chase, to name a few, are building business ventures that drive Ethereum.



After SOL’s performance in 2021, it has been officially considered as one of the top competitors of Ethereum. Transactions on Solana are comparatively a lot cheaper than Ether because its tech allows thousands of transactions per second, much more than around 100 for ETH. These capabilities have made SOL one of the fastest-growing cryptos in 2021, with its market cap surging by nearly 1,000 times over the year.


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has shaken up the crypto world in 2021. This meme cryptocurrency was launched back in August 2020, but it’s time to shine came only after almost a year in May 2021, when it suddenly surged in price. SHIB’s success can be mostly attributed to its connection to DOGE and an influx of new crypto investors to the cryptocurrency market. However, it has been able to cut out a niche for itself despite its critics predicting that SHIB is unsuitable for long-term investments.



In 2021, Avalanche has shown that it has great potential and would tend to be the most attractive cryptos in 2021, mainly because of its native token AVAX, which ensures high transaction security coupled with speed scaling a trillion per second. AVAX has emerged as an extremely dynamic and vibrant force especially because it has stood the test of time.


Axie Infinity

The growth of Axie Infinity in 2021 has been remarkable. It currently boasts over 300,000 DAUs, indicating an increase of more than 30 times, since the beginning of the year. Furthermore, the growth in their discord has gone absolutely parabolic, making them one of the largest discord servers across the world.


Binance Coin

Binance is one of the most successful crypto exchanges in terms of trading volumes. Like Bitcoin, BNB keeps a hard limit in circulation, and in its case, 200 million BNB tokens. This has helped the token rise exponentially in 2021.



VET is one of the in-house tokens of VeChain, a blockchain-powered supply chain platform. The VeChain project has quite ambitious goals, aiming to solve the major issues the supply chain industry suffers from with the help of an ecosystem created using distributed governance and IoT technology.



Monero is very popular these days because it can anonymize its users. Ring signatures and stealth addresses has helped in establishing this task. Due to the technology at its disposal, the privacy-focused Monero hides the identities of the senders and the receivers. There are several investors out there who want to real the advantages of this feature, which has eventually increased its value.



Chainlink is an Ethereum token that powers the Chainlink decentralized oracle network. This feature allows smart contracts on Ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, APIs, and payment systems.

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