Safemoon Community Loving Bitgert For Its Roadmap Delivery

by Analytics Insight

February 26, 2022

Fast development of the Bitgert blockchain and the centralized exchange are the most exciting developments.

Bitgert is growing popular with the crypto community because of the team’s fast pace in delivering the roadmap. In just 7 months of the launch, Bitgert has grown to be one of the biggest projects in terms of utility and has outperformed many crypto projects, including Safemoon. In fact, the Safemoon community has been joining the Bitgert coin because they love its roadmap delivery. Read more below about these projects’ roadmap delivery and how Bitgert is outperforming rivals:



The Bitgert team has been breaking records when it comes to products delivery, which is one of the reasons why crypto investors are joining it in large numbers. In just 120 days of the launch, the Bitgert team had +5 products launched, including the staking process. But the fast development of the Bitgert blockchain and the centralized exchange are the most exciting developments.

The Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain launched mid-Feb 2022 and is still causing shockwaves in the industry. It is the first gasless blockchain, which is one of the reasons many crypto community members, including Safemoon investors, are joining Bitgert. The Bitgert CEX is launching soon, and the team has promised to add over 10 products this year. The fast roadmap delivery is the biggest reason why Bitgert is the hottest coin in the crypto market.



The last three months have proven the huge potential of the Centcex project. The team has shown they can deliver the roadmap within the promised short timeline. Already, one of the key products, the Centcex exchange, is being developed and could launch in early Q2. There are more products coming up according to the Centcex roadmap, including staking programs.

Though the Centcex team has just started developing the roadmap, they have made impressive accomplishments so far. The fast growth and development have seen the marketcap and price of the Centcex project also grow fast. With more products coming up and investors enjoying 100% APY staking revenue, Centcex is one of the projects to watch in 2022.



Safemoon project has been left behind by some of the key competitors, including Bitgert. Though the Safemoon team has successfully launched the Safemoon V2, it was just the second major product after the SFM wallet launch. There are more projects on the roadmap yet to be launched, including the Safemoon exchange. In fact, one of the reasons for the current Safemoon classic-action lawsuit is the slow delivery of the roadmap.

Safemoon has a lot to do to catch up with competitors like Bitgert that have left far behind in terms of roadmap delivery. The team needs to deliver the exchange and other products on the road. However, the highly anticipated SFM Project Phoenix might be a game-changer if it is successful. But Safemoon still needs to beat Bitgert’s faster and cheaper gas.

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