The boom of cryptocurrencies! You work in Bitcoin Mining, DeFi, Blockchain development and much more

L’cryptocurrency industry it is in full swing expansion so much so that cities and companies compete for the best talents. Here are the details.

According to data from Indeedthere has been a significant 118% increase in career announcements for jobs in the cryptocurrency space over the past year.

A search for LinkedIn shows that hub like San Francisco and New York City still have the largest number of jobs in the cryptocurrency industry, particularly for financial and developer roles. However, even smaller cities are becoming crypto hubs. Bitcoin mining jobs are also booming.

Cryptocurrencies, in general, offer aopportunity for all, whether you are a former Wall Streeter, one HVAC specialist or an expert on TikTok.

You work for all kinds of talent

By analyzing the cryptocurrency job market, we learned an important lesson: all kinds of skills are needed. There are a variety of jobs available, all over the world.

As explained in an article from the Nasdaq, cities will host cryptocurrency exchanges, development firms, and finance and investment firms, while cryptocurrency miners will settle in more rural areas (which will also help revitalize regions). Eg, FTX recently opened an office in Miami, offering work in software development, financial analysis, customer support and compliance, and risk management.

There EMI recently moved its headquarters to Cheyenne, Wyoming, bringing a number of Bitcoin mining jobs. This has made it possible to offer attractive job opportunities for construction workers, plumbers, drivers, office administrators, sales and marketing specialists and more.

Rural areas of Texas, Kentucky, Georgia and New York are enjoying a Bitcoin mining boom, accounting for more than 2/3 of the American hashrate. The works in the mining of Bitcoin are widely available in such states. Finally, the potential of cryptocurrencies to invigorate economies cannot be underestimated, especially as companies and talent move to cities and towns.

Average pay for cryptocurrency jobs

The pay is excellent, even if the research varies and a precise number is not yet available. A survey conducted by shows that the average salaries of Web3 far exceed the national averages in the United States.

The average salary is $ 92,000 USD per year. It is quite high compared to the average salary. According to research published by ZipRecruiterthe average pay for cryptocurrency professionals e blockchain in the United States it is $ 108,371 and $ 52 per hour.

A separate study then found that crypto positions in general pay 9% more than comparable jobs in other industries, such as e-commerce and retail.

Obviously, the salary depends on the specialty, experience and skills, as well as on the company and the position. Since there are many startup in cryptocurrencies, salaries can sometimes be lower but they have an edge in the form of business equity that can make millionaires if the business is successful.