Avalanche, Solana, Bitgert and Cardano

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March 21, 2022

Avalanche, Bitgert, and such others are some of the top cryptocurrencies that might explode in April

So far, March has not been great as most crypto investors would have expected. But one important thing to note is that the market has been a bit stable compared to January and February. But how will the crypto market perform in April 2022?

Among the cryptocurrencies expected to do well, this April includes Bitgert (BRISE), Avalanche, Solana, and Cardano. This is from the development these projects are carrying out in their 2022 roadmaps. But there is a general feeling that Bitgert might be the most explosive cryptocurrency in April. Read more below about these crypto projects below:



Bitgert is predicted to be one of the best performers in April 2022. This is because of the impact of the Q1 roadmap, where the Bitgert team has launched revolutionary products. The BRC20 blockchain launch has been one of the biggest developments in Q1. The gasless Brise chain is expected to do even better in April than it has done in March.

The biggest Bitgert development in April will be the products and projects launching in the chain. The Bitgert bridge has been increasing transactions on the chain since the launch. The Bitgert exchange is launching in Q1, and its impact will be felt in April. The Bitgert Startup Studio program has already started launching projects and will go bigger in April. These are reasons why Bitgert will be the most explosive crypto in 2022.



Another project with a huge potential to explode this April after Bitgert is Centcex. This is one of the crypto projects that have been skyrocketing in March. The exponential growth is projected to continue in April because it is the time that Centcex will be launching most of the projects. With the Centcex staking program expected to launch in Q1, there is a possibility of the staking starting this April. Therefore, there is a lot of developments around the Centcex project that will make it explode in April.



The Solana coin has not been performing well in March like Bitgert, and as of this writing, SOL has recorded negative growth for the past 30 days. But most of March has seen a more stable SOL price. There are many developments happening on the Solana project, including the hackathons that are projected to grow the ecosystem. The Riptide hackathon is expected to be huge for the Solana ecosystem. With more projects on the chain, Solana might do well in April.



Avalanche had been one of the most sought-after chains before the coming of Bitgert. The network did so well that it grew its marketcap by a huge margin to be the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies in the market. But Avalanche might not be among the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies of 2022 because of the competition that the Bitgert chain is offering. There might be more projects coming to the Bitgert chain than on the avalanche, and this is how the Avalanche project growth will slow.



There is a lot of hype around Cardano but whether this is translated to a bullish ADA still remain to be seen. The Hydra upgrade is a project to scale the Cardano chain and might push the chain speed to a million TPS. This will make Cardano a tough Bitgert chain competitor, which is the fastest chain right now. But the issue of the high gas fee will remain a big challenge. With the Bitgert BRC20 chain already offering zero gas fees, Cardano has a big competition to beat.

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