Bitgert Has Successfully Overpassed Safemoon Marketcap

by Analytics Insight

March 19, 2022

The Bitgert exchange is about to launch and is currently under beta testing.

It’s now game over for the competition between the Bitgert (BRISE) and the Safemoon project. Since the launch of the Bitgert project, which was almost five months after the Safemoon launch, it has accomplished more than SFM.

The Bitgert project has delivered so much in products that crypto investors believe it has left Safemoon Many miles behind. The latest news is about Bitgert finally overtaking the Safemoon marketcap, which was the only thing that SFM had ahead of Bitgert. Here is more about these coins.



Bitgert became a serious Safemoon competitor when it started delivering products at an impressively high pace. With the first 120 days, Bitgert had delivered +5 products, including the staking process. Within the 200 days of the launch, the team had launched the powerful BRC20 blockchain. The Bitgert exchange is about to launch and is currently under beta testing.

These are the reasons why Bitgert has managed to overtake the Safemoon marketcap. This means that Safemoon has been left miles behind by the Brise project. The move makes Bitgert the fastest growing cryptocurrency and will make the coin super attractive to investors.



For the cryptocurrencies that have been doing so well and growing their marketcap at a speedy rate is Centcex. That’s why we have Centcex on this list and after the Bitgert project. One of the things that make Centcex unique is the building of the biggest ecosystem in the crypto industry by developing the largest number of crypto applications.

This is one thing that makes Centcex stand out. Investors are looking at the huge returns the platform will be offering in terms of token price growth and staking revenue. With the products launching starting soon, the number of Centcex investors and the marketcap is going to start skyrocketing.



Just like Bitgert, Safemoon started with a very good performance. It was one of the biggest gainers during Q1 2021. The price of the Safemoon then crumbled in what most analysts believe is because of the whales’ manipulation and withdrawal. The project has now been stuck in delivering the roadmap with only the wallet and the Safemoon out.

There is no hardware wallet, and the exchange as the team has promised. That’s why Safemoon marketcap has been overtaken by Bitgert. The SFM coin is not attracting many new investors like Bitgert. With the marketcap surpassed, then Safemoon might never reach the Bitgert project, and the competition is now over.



The Babydoge marketcap might soon be overtaken by the Bitgert once again. A few weeks ago, the Bitgert marketcap reached almost $800 million, which was the time it managed to surpass many projects marketcaps, including the Babydoge. At this time, the Bitgert project is consolidating, and soon, the coin will be bullish again.

The projection is that after the launch of the Bitgert exchange, it might overtake the Babydoge market. With the Babydoge team still struggling with products delivery, it will be easy for Bitgert to overtake it. This is despite the Babydoge being older than the Bitgert project.

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