Blockchain Media Press reveals the release of its new book, Easy NFT Studio: Use AI Systems, Tools, and Techniques to Create Amazing NFTs

Blockchain Media Press is pleased to announce the release of the much-anticipated book by Mac Carpeli and Hanna Johns – Easy NFT Studio: Use AI Systems, Tools, and Techniques to Create Amazing NFTs! The informative book, which is currently available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon Kindle, is 390 pages of step-by-step instructions that teach the reader how the NFT creation process works.

“NFTs support a whole new way to buy, sell, trade, and protect digital items. We are just now beginning to experience the amazing potential that NFTs have for benefiting direct relationships between creators and collectors. In the simplest of terms, an NFT refers to a unique digital item that contains an encoded digital certificate of ownership. It’s a simple way of stating and verifying the true owner of an asset via a blockchain.” – Mac Carpeli

The book co-authored by Carpeli, and Johns focuses on sharing tips, tricks, and techniques that nonartists can use to create amazing NFTs. With practice, discipline, and a well-established flow, the reader should be able to create an amazing NFT in about 1 to 2 hours. Likewise, the book focuses on how the reader can create one-of-a-kind NFT art pieces without the need for expensive equipment, complicated software, or prior experience in the digital arts.

Easy NFT Studio not only provides a wealth of information on creating NFTs, but it is also jam-packed with useful information about this burgeoning art form.

Readers will learn important facts about NFTs such as:

• NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token

• NFTs were inspired by the blockchain and the success of cryptocurrencies.

• NFTs are a unit of digital content that is stored on a crypto ledger, called a blockchain, which certifies that a digital asset is truly unique. Thus, the exclusivity of an NFT enables value to be stored digitally

Easy NFT Studio is a well-written resource suitable for a variety of readers. Creators will learn how NFTs can help them protect and monetize their original works. Similarly, collectors will discover that NFTs enable a completely new way to buy, sell, trade, and protect digital items. The world is only now beginning to realize the incredible potential of NFTs for enhancing direct relationships between creators and collectors.

In early April 2022, Blockchain Media Press will release a hardbound version of Easy NFT Studio for distribution by Barnes & Noble, with a retail price of $117.50. A soft bound version will be available on Amazon by the end of March 2022 for $49.99. The book is also available in a Kindle version.

About the authors:

Mac Carpeli:

Mac Carpeli is an accomplished digital artist with over 20 years of experience in applied digital technologies. He began his artistic career with traditional mediums before transitioning to clay sculpting from physical charcoal and washed ink canvas drawings. After being inspired by a professor at Old Dominion University, Mac transitioned to digital arts in the late 1990s. He has since gone on to become a Certified NFT Expert and Blockchain Architect, as well as receiving his master’s degree in Digital Marketing from the prestigious Digital Marketing Institute.

Hanna Johns:

Hanna Johns holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Distribution and Logistics, as well as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from the Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam. Hanna is a true art enthusiast who enjoys mixed-media arts such as sculpting, acrylic painting, and glass blowing. She has a caring heart for the environment and is passionate about 3D printing with biodegradable materials, plastics, and concrete.


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