IOTA’s Node Manager Hornet Now Available on Mobile: Here’s How

Vladislav Sopov

Node management software for IOTA DLT transactions can now be accessed via API from mobile devices


Hornet is software for nodes management of high-performance distributed ledger protocol IOTA. Now, its fully functional mainnet version is available on smartphone apps marketplaces.

Hornet node software becomes available for smartphone users

Marcel Pochert, a Germany-based enthusiast of the IOTA project, announces that beta testing of the mobile versions of API-powered management tools for Hornet has concluded.

The mentioned releases were stress tested during the past three weeks. The software is available on two official apps marketplaces, App Store and Google Play.

According to Mr. Pochert, 200 testers participated in the Beta stage of testing and provided him with “great positive” feedback. As a result, he improved the usability of his tools for Hornet to make it more intuitive.

As per the description, Hornet Node Manager allows users to control and manage IOTA nodes on the go. Also, users can add new nodes and easily switch between them.

Bee nodes support soon

The new software includes a rich toolkit of on-chain analytical instruments. Users can monitor a variety of metrics for every node and update its status online.

Finally, users can see and track their peers: multiple indicators of peer performance are available in a number of clicks.

Mr. Pochert foresees the next stages in Hornet implementation. The following releases will boast Bee nodes support as well as multiple languages.