Many Worlds Token rocks the cryptocurrency space

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Breaking previous crypto records as reported recently by CryptoDaily, Many Worlds ($MANY), is on the move – improving fundamental flaws plaguing other traditional rewards-based tokens.

One of the people behind Many Worlds is Steve Bumbera. He’s a computer science wizard stemming back from his undergraduate days at the University of New Haven and his 5-year career in the Marine Corps working with Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare. Finance and computers are second nature to Steve, and it was only a matter of time before he dove into the cryptocurrency space. Steve saw the power of blockchain technology and its ability to solve complex problems and jumped in feet first. Steve heads up Project Architect handling and partnerships.

Unlike EverGrow, Dogecoin, SafeMoon, Shiba Inu, and Evergreen, Many Worlds is a token never seen before in the blockchain space because the team developed a sophisticated set of entirely new tokenomics to solve the broken system. Built into their innovative contract structure are a token aging and leveling system, a daily lottery system, and novel BUSD rewards that have never been done before. To solve one of the biggest problems facing EverGrow, Many Worlds is the only token to operate under a marginal tax system, significantly reducing investment barriers and making them the only token designed for every trader class.

Many Worlds token is the world’s first dynamic tokenomics system in cryptocurrency. Tokens held in the same wallet have different intrinsic values based on how long they have existed in that wallet. This has never been done before in the blockchain space. This intricate and novel tokenomics structure solves the scalability issues facing EverGrow and creates utility that will change the shape and direction of the cryptocurrency space forever.

The Many Worlds Development Team consists of an international collection of finance, engineering, technology, and marketing industry experts. Led by CEO Tanvir Shagar and COO Steven Bumbera, the team was formed in November of 2021 to create a more prolific income-producing asset in the blockchain space.

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