Avalanche and Polkadot or Bitgert? Which Is The Best Performer Of 2022

by Analytics Insight

April 22, 2022

Take a look at the cryptocurrencies like Avalanche, Bitgert, etc to know which is the best performer of 2022

Avalanche, Polkadot, and Bitgert (BRISE) are among the cryptocurrencies that the crypto community says will do very well in 2022. The prediction is based on the developments that these projects will be undertaking this year. They have some of the most disruptive developments coming up.

Already, some of these coins, like Bitgert, have started posting impressive performances. In fact, Bitgert has been predicted to be the best performer among these three coins. The coin has been surging as its competitors are crashing. Here is more about these 3 crypto projects:



The crypto analysts have agreed that Bitgert will be one of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022. Bitgert (BRISE) is one of the coins that has been doing so well at a time when the other two coins have been plummeting. You can compare the Bitgert performance in Q1 2022 with the other two and see why BRISE is predicted to be the best-performing coin.

Bitgert is a coin that has proven it can perform against the grain. But the biggest driver for the massive Bitgert growth is the disruptiveness of its products. The most impactful product so far is the revolutionary BRC20 blockchain. Brise chain is the world’s fastest blockchain at 100,000 TPS and, most important, the first gasless blockchain.

It costs a $0.0000000000001 gas fee to transact on the Brise chain. Therefore, the Bitgert blockchain is going to experience mass adoption in 2022. The Bitgert ecosystem growth is another factor that will skyrocket the Bitgert price. With 100+ products coming on the chain every month, the Bitgert ecosystem is definitely going to be one of the fastest-growing blockchains.

Therefore, Bitgert might be the best crypto investment today of the three crypto projects.



Like Bitgert, the Polkadot blockchain is the reason why $DOT is doing well in the market. Polkadot is a cryptocurrency that has done so well in the market and is currently #12 of the largest coins in the market. The Polkadot chain is also one of the fastest blockchains, although it has not reached its full potential.

It is after the auctioning of all parachains that the potential of the Polkadot will be seen. The team plans to auction about 100 parachains. At this time, the Polkadot blockchain is projected to be one of the fastest blockchains. However, it might be difficult for the Polkadot chain to reach the zero gas fee as Bitgert.



Avalanche is another crypto coin that might do well in the industry this year because of the massive developments the team is working on. As one of the best web3 development platforms, Avalanche is planning to add more products to its chain. Hundreds of projects will also be added to the chain in 2022.

The performance of the Avalanche coin has been incredible, and that’s why it is now on the list of the top largest crypto projects in the world. Because of the fastest smart contracts feature, we can expect the Avalanche coin to continue doing well in 2022.


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