Cardano Killer Bitgert Might Surpass Billion Dollar Marketcap

by Analytics Insight

April 23, 2022

Bitgert has proven that it can skyrocket its marketcap by +300% in a single bull run.

Bitgert (BRISE) is taunted to be the Cardano killer, and the project has not disappointed so far. The accomplishment that the Bitgert team has achieved so far shows a project that is not only going to outperform Cardano but many other top cryptocurrencies.

Will Bitgert surpass the billion-dollar marketcap? Well, this is the question most crypto investors are asking. Crypto analysts say it is highly possible. Let’s look at some of the critical facts about the Bitgert that will enable it to surpass the $1B marketcap and kill Cardano.



First, it is important to mention that Bitgert had its marketcap surpass the $700M mark in early March 2022. This is after skyrocketing in a few weeks from around $200m MC. Therefore, Bitgert has proven that it can skyrocket its marketcap by +300% in a single bull run. With the marketcap oscillating at around $500M, then Bitgert will be easy for Brise to reach the $1B MC.

But the Bitgert team is making this possible by developing the project fast and bringing some of the most disruptive products. The last bull run that reached $700m MC was driven by the launch of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. The chain adoption is still growing fast, and this is expected to be a major reason why Bitgert’s marketcap will be growing fast.

The Bitgert marketcap is also expected to be skyrocketed by the fast-growing number of Startup Studio. Every month, the team plans to bring 100+ projects. There will be about a thousand projects on the chain before the end of this year. As more projects are listed on Bitgert-supported DEX, the adoption of the BRISE coin will rise. That’s what will skyrocket Bitgert marketcap to $1B.

The powerful blockchain and the fast-growing ecosystem are two major reasons why Bitgert is expected to overtake Cardano. Bitgert chain is faster and has a lowers gas fee than the Cardano chain. With a larger ecosystem, Bitgert will definitely kill Cardano.



Being a blockchain that is built on scientific research makes Cardano stands out from other chains. Hoskinson and his IOHK team have built a powerful chain that has managed to deliver a platform that solved the blockchain trilemma. But the overall Cardano chain performance on key aspects of the trilemma has been an issue. The Cardano speed and gas fee performance are being outperformed by the likes of Solana and Bitgert.

But the IOHK has been working on a number of upgrades that might make Cardano the best chain in the industry in 2022. The Vasil hard fork that is launching in June might push Cardano speed to a million TPS. The Hydra scaling protocol will also make the Cardano chain do well in the industry.


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