Dubai-Based Cafe Now Supports Six Crypto Payment Options

Bake n’ More, a new Dubai-based Cafe, has announced that its customers can now pay for its services through digital currencies, including a meme-themed token, SHIB. 

List Of Supported Cryptos

Other cryptos accepted by Bake n’ More are BTC, DOGE, ETH, and USDT. Since the crypto payments will be processed through the Mixin network, the Cafe will also be accepting the network’s native token, XIN.

The first cafe Bake N More in Dubai, accepted crypto, powered by Mixin. Download @MixinMessenger, and buy with crypto. #BTC #shiba #dogecoin #AcceptDoge #USDT #Ethereum

— Mixin Network (@Mixin_Network) April 6, 2022

Now, the Cafe’s clients can enjoy their freshly prepared meals without any restriction on the mode of payment or paying any transaction fee when they make payments with digital currencies. The Cafe announced last week that it was in advanced talks with a crypto payment processor over accepting crypto payments for its services.

However, Bake n’ More tweeted yesterday that the deal’s details have been sorted, and their customers can now pay for goods and services using cryptos. The Cafe reiterated that it is not replacing other forms of payment with crypto payments. Meaning, that customers are free to choose from several payment alternatives rather than being limited to specific ones.

It is the first time any Dubai-based Cafe will be supporting digital asset payments. The Cafe’s founder and CEO, Muhammad Al Hammadi, revealed in a recent interview with the local news outlet, emirates, that “we’ve had to turn back many of our customers because of our inability to accept crypto payments. Now that we’ve started supporting crypto payments, we haven’t had any issues. If anything, many of our customers are excited to use them. The acceptance has been so high that nearly 20 crypto transactions took place within the first 48 hours of our announcement.”

Why Did The Cafe Choose The Mixin Network?

According to the network’s brand ambassador (Meng chan Shu), “many people choose the Mixin network because it is free and superbly fast to complete digital asset transfers. Also, Mixin Messenger is connected with more than 40 public chains and has nearly US $2.5B in assets. Furthermore, the network’s security hasn’t been compromised in the last five years.”

Chan shu added, “one major attraction of businesses to the Mixin network is that they pay zero gas fees when completing their transactions. Hence, we aren’t surprised that Bake n’ More chose us, and they are not regretting it.” Bake n’ More is noted for fresh and well-prepared meals for breakfast, especially salads and brewed coffee.

More Wins For The SHIB Community

The SHIB ecosystem (popularly known as the SHIB army) had another reason to celebrate today. SHIB is the winner of the payment processor (BitPay)’s inaugural tournament, called BitPay brackets.

Sixteen coins participated in the 4-round competition. SHIB won the first three rounds, which included competition from Terra, Solana, and Cardano. Then, it defeated polygon in the competition’s final to emerge as the tournament’s winner. These two pieces of positive news come amidst plans by the token’s team to launch its decentralized exchange, ShibaSwap 2.0.

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