Jake Paul exposed for scamming $2.2 million from his audience

A YouTube investigator that goes by the name Coffeezilla has investigated Jake Paul’s involvement in past NFT projects and has found some suspicious movements.

Coffeezilla is no stranger to exposing non-fungible token projects that end up being scams, as he recently exposed famous porn star-turned influencer Lana Rhoades for scamming her community. Coffeezilla explains that there is a real challenge when it comes to catching influencers out, as on one hand everything on the blockchain can be tracked, but on the other hand, it’s quite easy to set up anonymous wallet identities.

Paul’s public cryptocurrency wallet address was linked to a promotion for the NFT project called “Sacred Devils,” where he got paid 39.9 Ether worth $139,000. It was later discovered that the NFT project was linked to a group of busted scammers, leaving investors in the project with major losses. Additionally, Paul’s public wallet can be seen funding and promoting the NFT project called StickDix. Paul received $1.5 million from the project and failed to fulfill the project’s promised roadmap.

Coffeezilla lines up a wallet address that received 50,400,000,000 SafeMoon a day before Jake Paul promoted the project, and was later found to have withdrawn the SafeMoon to another wallet address publicly called Problem Child – a name Jake Paul has commonly called himself. This same Problem Child wallet was linked to the project called “Milf Token“, and it was discovered the Problem Child wallet received a bunch of Milk Tokens a day before Jake Paul promoted the project on his Twitter account.

To add to the mountain of evidence that suggests Jake Paul is behind the Problem Child wallet, Coffeezilla linked Paul’s promotion of the “Yummy Token” project with a transaction within the Problem Child wallet cashing out the tokens for $300,000.

It should also be noted that Paul is already involved in a class-action lawsuit for the promotion of SafeMoon, and that some of the evidence presented by Coffeezilla has been added to the case.