Safemoon Community Joining Bitgert To Cover-up Losses Of SFM

by Analytics Insight

April 4, 2022

Safemoon investors have been disappointed by the pace at which the project is developing and the plunging price. Safemoon is one of the cryptocurrencies of 2022 that have very little to show in terms of development.

To show their disappointment, Safemoon investors have sued SFM and its promoters for misleading promotions. But what most investors are doing is joining other promising cryptocurrencies.

Bitgert (BRISE) has been one of the cryptocurrencies that have been attracting a huge number of Safemoon community members, including whales. But why Bitgert? Well, here are some of the exciting facts about Bitgert.



When ranking the best performing cryptocurrencies in teams of price increase, Bitgert is among the top. The Bitgert coin also ranks among the top cryptocurrencies in terms of growth and development. This is because the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the most powerful blockchain in the industry today.

The Bitgert blockchain is the first chain to implement the zero gas fee mechanism to enable users to pay a mere $0.0000000000001 gas fee for every transaction. It is also the fastest chain with a 100k TPS after overtaking the Solana blockchain speed.

The Bitgert team is building a high utility blockchain with 1000+ coming on the chain this year. There are also more products, like Bitgert exchange, coming up that are making Bitgert the most attractive and rewarding project. That’s why even the Safemoon community is joining it to cover up losses.



Safemoon was probably one of the most popular DeFi projects of 2021. Immediately after launching, Safemoon captured the crypto community’s attention with its exciting features. It was the most exciting project with its reflections making it appealing to investors.

But the Safemoon price crashed a few months after growing exponentially, and that’s when the trouble started. The Safemoon team has been unable to deliver the roadmap as promised, with major products such as the exchange and hardware wallet still pending.

Apart from the poor delivery of the roadmap, Safemoon has also been plunging. The Safemoon price has been dropping non-stop. These are some of the reasons Safemoon investors, including its whales, have been leaving and joining Bitgert.

More Safemoon investors will be joining the Bitgert project to recover from the losses because Bitgert has been among the fastest-growing crypto projects. If Safemoon does not improve and the price keeps dropping, the number of its members joining Bitgert will increase in 2022.





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