CoinEx, Allowing More Retail Investors to Benefit from Bitcoin

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

Along with the boom of new markets such as DeFi, NFT, and the metaverse, the global user base of cryptocurrency has kept expanding. The crypto space has evolved from a geek-exclusive niche market to a decentralized financial market that’s attracting retail investors, listed companies, and traditional investment institutions. Cryptocurrencies boast irreplaceable advantages compared to other financial assets. Meanwhile, cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum have become increasingly prominent in global financial markets.

In fact, the investment threshold of cryptos such as Bitcoin is not that high. As cryptos can be split up for purchase, users can buy 1 BTC, 0.01 BTC, or even a smaller amount, which is unavailable to conventional financial assets such as stocks. In a nutshell, any retail investor can profit from BTC investments.

After the great bulls in 2020 and 2021, cryptocurrency has entered a bear market, which is the best time for us to join the market and start preparing for future bulls. Many of the retail investors who gained financial freedom through cryptocurrency would “hoard cryptos in a bear market”. They made huge profits in bull markets precisely because they had stocked up on massive cheap bargaining chips against bearish market conditions. 

On one hand, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have benefited crypto investors all over the world. On the other, the progress of the crypto market has outpaced that of crypto infrastructures, which fail to meet the demand among crypto users. For instance, some crypto exchanges keep piling functions upon functions and create a dazzling array of derivatives like European options, delivery contracts, and perpetual futures. Facing such complex web pages, many new users are dissuaded from trading cryptos, which hinders the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrency.

There are also crypto pioneers who have sensed the fundamental problems of the industry and started to work on the solution. For example, CoinEx, a global crypto exchange established in 2017, now serves over 3 million users in more than 200 countries and regions.

CoinEx’s all-new brand slogan, “Making Crypto Trading Easier”, shows its ambitions. The exchange aims to become a crypto gateway and the first stop in the crypto space for beginners, offering easy-to-use crypto trading services.

According to Mr. Haipo Yang, CoinEx’s founder and CEO, all crypto users deserve respect — professional traders and retail investors should both be able to participate in the crypto industry. The dismissal of beginners and retail users goes counter to the crypto sector’s original mission, which is to break up the financial monopoly. In his latest interview, Mr. Yang said that CoinEx will “make crypto trading easier” through products, token listing, and customer services.

As we all know, the crypto industry has achieved great progress within a very short time span. In particular, the boom of DeFi and NFT has prompted the appearance of an increasing number of crypto derivatives. Yet still, many exchanges have continued to build new functions and adopt obscure jargon, which has made it more difficult for users to join the crypto sector.

CoinEx, on the other hand, never piles functions upon functions. Instead, it promises to offer sufficient, satisfying functions. “Ease of use” does not mean that there are fewer things you can do on CoinEx. On the contrary, the exchange aims to turn sophistication into ease of use by building products that meet real demands, which helps more beginners easily trade cryptos and avoid getting confused by all sorts of new functions.

In addition, CoinEx emphasizes customer services. When beginners are confused while using crypto-related products, which is frequently the case, they can always turn to CoinEx’s intuitive beginner guides, all-encompassing help documents, and satisfying customer support. The exchange respects each retail user via first-rate services.

CoinEx offers satisfying trading experiences and has made crypto trading significantly easier in terms of product design, crypto screening, and customer service. On CoinEx, both crypto veterans and newbies can trade cryptos effortlessly.

The growth and extensive adoption of cryptocurrencies is inseparable from the efforts of exchanges, crypto wallets, public chains, and DApps in the entire crypto ecosystem. I hope more dedicated crypto institutions could learn from CoinEx and provide more well-established infrastructures for the crypto sector, make the industry more accessible, and allow more retail users to benefit from cryptos like Bitcoin.