What is Quixotic NFT? Is this Marketplace worth it?

NFT Marketplaces became a well-known place where users buy/sell/browse NFTs. Many people became very wealthy by buying cheap NFTs which later became very expensive. However, there are always downsides to having to rely on only one source. Opensea for example operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The experience of trading there can get slow and expensive. Quixotic is a rising star, an NFT marketplace that operates on Optimism. In this article, we dive deeper into what is Quixotic crypto and how to buy NFT on Quixotic.

What is Optimism?

Optimism is an Ethereum-based layer 2 scaling solution. The fundamental characteristic of Optimism is that it makes Ethereum application transactions relatively inexpensive. Optimism causes transactions to flow from one blockchain to another. Gas prices are dramatically lowered as a result, and throughput rises. Optimism allows Ethereum developers to utilize all of the existing tools on Ethereum without having to make any changes. Traders will pay a 10x lower gas charge, according to the Optimism development team. Optimistic rollups are used to combat fraud and incorrect state transitions.

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Because of all those positive traits, Quixotic was born.

What is Quixotic Crypto?

Quixotic is the largest NFT marketplace operating on Optimism. Soon after the Optimism airdrop announcement, Quixotic announced its official launch to the masses. Because it runs on Optimism, its transactions and operations are fast and cheap compared to other marketplaces.

Since its launch, Quixotic managed to save more than USD 1.7 million in fees for its users. This figure is very impressive, seeing that the launch happened only around 1 month ago. Additionally, the platform boasts a total of more than 14,500 addresses that traded NFTs, with a total volume traded of more than 700 ETH. Pretty impressive!

Does Quixotic have a token?

No, Quixotic does not currently have a token. In fact, the project is still new and there are no talks even about a potential token launch. If things change though, we’ll make sure to cover it in our articles, so make sure to follow us on google news.

How to Buy NFTs on Quixotic?

If you are looking to be among the first early users on Quixotic, great job. Usually, early adopters always have a big advantage. We’re not saying you’ll get rich overnight, but trading NFTs will be much smoother in the medium term as the platform grows in popularity. You’ll also be exposed to a different market, one that operates on Optimism.

Now, on to how to do the cool stuff: trade NFTs! Follow the easy step-by-step guide below, as we love bullet points rather than big long boring texts:

  • Setup a Metamask wallet: this is very important in all your DApps endeavors
  • Buy some ETH from a layer-1 exchange. You can do that with Binance or Kraken
  • Send your newly purchased ETH to your Metamask wallet
  • Go to Optimism bridge and convert your ETH L1 to ETH L2 (you’ll have to connect your Metamask that has your purchased ETH)
  • Now go to Quixotic and connect your Metamask wallet that has your ETH L2

And voila! You’re now all set to buy NFTs.

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