Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin Plunges To US$ 22,954, Ether Fell Sharply By 3%


oi-Kuntala Sarkar


The cryptocurrency market has been bearish today, on July 30. Till 5.49 pm UTC, Bitcoin fell by 1.52% and was quoted at US$ 22,954, in intra day trading. Yesterday, Bitcoin closed at US$ 23,307.20. The asset fell by 0.03% in the last 5 days, gained by 19.26% in the past 1 month, while has fallen by 40.81% in the past 6 months.

Cryptocurrency News: Bitcoin Plunges To US$ 22,954, Ether Fell Sharply By 3%

Other cryptocurrencies have also fallen significantly today. Ether was quoted at US$ 1,630.25, falling by 2.99%. Yesterday, Ether closed at US$ 1,680.56. Litecoin was quoted at US$ 58.46, falling by 2.18%, Dogecoin was quoted at US$ 0.0675 falling by 0.87%, and Cardano was quoted at US$ 0.5014 falling by 2.77% today, till last traded.

Josh Rager, co-founder of Blockroots, an online forum to learn about trading in the crypto market, stated on social media, “Just gonna sit back and watch the market up until the weekly close like always. Hard to get into any trades seriously though there may be a few outliers in current market conditions that continue to perform well over the weekend,”

Additionally, in a recent report Forbes mentioned, “With the Federal Reserve not expected to make a scheduled policy change until September, August was expected to be a quiet month for U.S. macro triggers. The next Consumer Price Index (CPI) report is scheduled for August 10, although the risk of rising inflation still exists. The European Union revealed last week that the eurozone’s monthly inflation rate was 8.9%, which was the highest estimate ever.”

Story first published: Monday, August 1, 2022, 23:47 [IST]